Ringless Voice Mail (RVM) technology is the newest addition to the Nevcor Technology lineup of services!

RVM uses ‘Server To Server’ based technology to reach out to customers & leads without disturbing the customer or ever ringing their cell phones.

Pre-recorded professional voice mail messages are dropped in to customer’s voice mail inboxes without the call coming in to the customer’s telephone. They never receive an inbound call!

Because the customer never receives a call on their phone, they never see a missed call, and they have no idea who the message is from. They simply see that they have a new voice mail message! This is extremely powerful technology!

Because of the anonymity of the call, the program has a 98% open rate. Meaning, 98 out of 100 voice mail messages will be listened to by your customers! Since the customer does not know who left them a message, they MUST listen to the message! Therefore, 98% of your customers will hear your special offer or promotion!

Professional ‘Voice-Over Specialists’ are used to record your message, and you may choose either a male or female voice over. The choice is yours.

PHONE Bandits are experts in delivering profound marketing messages. Our marketing team will help you construct a powerful message that will generate a wealth of inbound calls to your sales team.


Rekindle Relationships With Previous Customers, Leave Messages For Job Applicants, Promote Sales Or Special Events, Generate Additional Sales From Current Customers, Kick-start Old Or Dead Leads, Follow Up On An Offer Made In A Direct Mail Campaign, Send Cold Messages To Your Prospect List, Client Appreciation & Retention Calls, Announce Service Department Special Offers, Birthday Month Offers

RVM is a very inexpensive tool. For as little as $0.20 cents per lead PHONE Bandits can improve your companies results and rekindle old relationships with your best customers! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RVM PRICE GUIDE

Ringless Voice Mail was a game changer for our staffing company. We went from our recruiters wasting their time making thousands of outbound calls to resumes only to leave voice messages, to allowing ringless voice mail to leave the messages for us. Now our recruiters field inbound calls all day which are generated from the ringless voice mail drops, and they can focus on setting up interviews, reviewing resumes, and closing deals. We also saved a fortune with ringless voice mail. PHONE Bandits literally changed our business overnight.